Orcs & Humans


Orcs &humans by blizzard entertainment were the first big game in the Warcraft series. Released in 1994, the game became a huge success and the best-selling of the real-time strategy games. It set out the foundations for the many tropes that became regulars to the series. It is a story of powerful heroes and endless adventure. The game won numerous awards and set new standards for multiplayer games it received impressive reviews from critics.

The story of Warcraft: Orcs and Humans:

The orcs were originally from the world of Draenor. They were peaceful until they became corrupted by the burning legion to form a horde. They slaughtered all the other races on their planet. Guldan joined forces with the last Meldivh totally possessed by demon lord Sargeras in order to open a portal to another world called Azeroth. Melding and golden through their evil ways cause Azeroth and storm the wind the nation of the humans to fight each other in order to protect their kingdoms. From swords to sorcery all, the elements of fantasy presented here to explore.


The player chooses the role of the human or the orc. Two storylines develop gradually on either side. Then the player has a series of missions to accomplish, each mission has a different objective. This begins with a player building a kingdom then harvesting resources such as gold from mines and wood from forests. These resources are limited and become exhausted as the game progresses so they must be collected adequately and used efficiently. The player has to build a strong army and lead it to a war with the opponent. The mission to defeat the enemy is made complicated by the presence of monsters, rebels within the player’s side and the limited resources. Players can command knights, archers, clerics, demons and even the dead. The player challenges another to determine who the supreme warlord is.

it is the multiplayer aspect of the game that brings out the real excitement, fantasy and a whole new level of adventure.

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